Monday, December 4, 2023

Mill / Crowder Branch Overnight

Cherokee National Forest 
September 29-30, 2023 

This was an outstanding night of solitude out in the forest and a fun hike. Click here for my past blog where I give a description of the actual hike. The hike itself was easier as I did not have Frank to contend with on the uneven Crowder Branch Trail, but I did unlock a new hiking fear. Acorns, you hit a pile of those hidden underneath some leaves and it is like stepping on marbles. 

The campsite itself is beautiful right on the Crowder Branch Trail, complete with a mountain spring that doubles as a natural refrigerator. I was able to set up my tent in a decent spot, but I could not find anywhere that was perfectly flat. That did not matter though as it was one of the best solo overnight outdoor sleeps I have had to date.    

I did not see any wildlife other than a few birds flying overhead, but I heard a ton, more than I have ever heard on the trails. I had birds, ducks, woodpeckers, squirrels, hunting dogs, coyotes, owls, and even possible Sasquatch knocks (I will get into this a bit later). I literally just sat by the fire and listened to all the nature that was around. I usually camp out by streams or creeks, so maybe not having the sound of rushing water helped to amplify the wildlife noises.  

In the morning I got a small fire going and boiled up some coffee as usual and had a pouch of blueberry granola. Packed up and got back on the trail. Without Frank I was able to hop off trail from time to time to take in the surroundings and found a little cascade/waterfall that had a nice little pool one could get in on a hotter day. One day I might do this hike in reverse, but the only concern is the trail at times is at an angle that could be a little hard with a heavy pack on.  


When it comes to bigfoot / sasquatch I have always been a “hopefully sceptic” I do not necessarily think they are out there, but I am open to the possibility. For me it would be cool if they were really out there.  

This all being said I have never encountered in kind of sasquatch evidence when out on my outdoor adventures, but this night sitting out by the campfire I heard some wood knocks. It was something I had never heard before in the woods. It was not a branch or a tree falling, nor did it sound like a woodpecker. It literally sounded like a person taking a bat and banging it a tree twice. I heard the first two knocks coming from the east and then a minute or so later heard a response double knock from the West.  

This could have been people out “squatchhing” but if it was not people then I cannot explain it. I will keep my eyes and ears open for more evidence while I am out. I might start a special blog section devoted to the evidence I find while out.  

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