Monday, November 8, 2021

Gettysburg Battlefield

November 8, 2021

I am not going to get into any of the history of the battle in this post as I want to reflect on my overall feeling of this place. I have always had a sense of guilt as I enjoy this battlefield so much when at the actual time of the battle there was so much carnage and suffering. It is hard to describe the sense of peace I get as I trace back through time, read the different stories, and stand at the exact spot where it happened. Peering through time and trying to get an understanding of what people were thinking and experiencing.

It also makes me happy to see all the cub / boy scout groups on walking tours. To think at least some of our youth enjoys are at least knows the importance of our past makes me feel past deeds will not be lost to time. To see the families there having an enjoyable time is important as well. That one can put a little bit of history into the family vacations can gratifying and rewarding. I am sure you get youngsters that do not really want to be there but at least they will have a memory to share alter in life.

I enjoy walking the streets of Gettysburg itself, while there are the “tourist attractions” history still can be found intertwined with it. Sitting at a beer garden planning our next steps to the table on our right is a group of people dressed in period military uniforms and dresses having a beverage as well. To see that adults can still play dress up makes me smile.

As with me and my friend Greg we return ever few years to visit the field but just to catch up with each other. As I walk the field, I can see other friends doing the same. Gettysburg is about the history, but it is also about friend ships and shared experiences too. If you have never been to this magnificent place, you really should go and take it all in. There is just so much to see and do here that I know I will be back to
experience it all again.

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