Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Year and the Same Old Me:

It is a new year so you get a new beginning right? Like I do every year I have my usual list of things I would like to accomplish personally and I don’t think you would be surprised if I told you I recycled the very same list from last year which was recycled from the year before last.

So why can’t I do it this year? I mean if I really put my mind to it I could do a complete 360 and lose those 30 pounds, get more organized, pick up after myself, and get my personal projects in order. It is so tantalizing that I can see it now the new improved me! However after 30 days into the new year here I am the same old me who eats the same way, still has unfinished projects, and doesn’t do a good job of picking up.

Hopefully I can take some baby steps towards some of my goals, and relish in small improvements. After a while maybe, just maybe, those small steps can change into bigger steps and I can really do it this time round. The year is young.

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