Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Civil War Battlefield

As I reflect back on my very recent trip to Gettysburg there are several features of a Civil War Battlefield that appeals to me and one that is often forgotten about. With so many things that they offer us it is a mystery to me why so many are in danger of being destroyed either by excessive development or just lack of funds for upkeep.

Corydon Battle Park (Corydon, IN)

The battle fields are a very important part of our country’s history through not only giving us critical information in regards to how generals planned and fought battles of the time, but also in the general overall history and politics of the era. It is a look back in time to how people used to live, work, and just get by in society. They also gives us beautiful scenery along with a place to enjoy nature, which can very much be said about Gettysburg. As a national park the views are absolutely stunning, and there are also hidden treasures to discover as this picture of some sort of stable on Culp’s Hill below that Greg and I ran into on our trip.

Gettysburg National Military Park (Gettysburg, PA)

Battlefields are important memorials to the many that have died on them fighting for what they believed important to themselves and their country. This aspect I know I often overlook because of the inherent beauty of the battlefield and the enjoyment I get from the history. It is important to keep in mind that actual lives were spent on the ground and for that reason alone these places should be saved and cared fore for future generations to come.

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