Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Love My Cat But...

I love my cat Jake, but he is a little special and probably one of the world’s most annoying creatures. Some things he just can’t help like his bum knee that causes him not to be able to jump like a normal cat or the fact he is just so obese that he cannot reach around to clean himself. I could get into several other issues Jake has but I might save those for another blog.

This morning my cat decides to announce his presence at 4:30 AM (as he does most mornings at this time) with what I like to referrer to as his meow scream that reverberates through the hallway and bedroom. After several practice jumps he finally lands on the bed and walks over me with his 16 pound body in order to get me to turn so he can lay his fat ass down next to me. Today he decides to get up from his spot around 5:00 AM and walk over me to the night stand where he knocked over the lamp while licking the radio. After I chased him off he stopped at the waste basket that had an old plastic wrapper of some kind that he wants to lick as well. Finally after I threw the pillow at him he left the room where I got a few moments of peace before I got up to brush my teeth. Jake then starts howling at me so I will put him on the bathroom sink for his morning drink.

I do really love my cat but wouldn’t you know I get the dirty, filthy cat with behavioral problems while Mary gets the OCD cat that over grooms and has attention issues due to Liam. Now I know cats all have their quirks but I really feel that we got a couple of overly quirky cats which makes for an interesting household if you ask me.

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