Thursday, April 4, 2024

Old Mac Loop

Frozen Head State Park
Sunday March 24, 2024 

This is one of my favorite short hikes when I want to get out but do not have all day to spend in the woods. Just under seven miles, this is a great hike to stretch your legs on. Also, I just got my Garmin Mini 2 and wanted to give it a test run before my big two-night trip to the Smoky Mountains. 

My Route:


Old Mac Trailhead

0.3 Miles


South Old Mac

2.7 Miles


West lookout Tower

0.25 Miles


North Old Mac

3.55 Miles


Old mac Trailhead

0.15 Miles

No matter which of the trails you take up the mountain there is going to be some elevation gain. I have hiked this loop both ways several times and I cannot really tell a difference as far as ease. What I really love about this park is all the big rock formations there are. To me it just makes for a great landscape to hike through.  

At the top of this trail is a pretty large backcountry campsite with some picnic tables and it is a good place to stop for a snack or lunch if not occupied. Frank and I took a break here and ate our peanut butter sandwiches and rehydrated. On our way down there is a rock just off the trail with a magnificent view of the mountain across the way. This is also a wonderful place for a snack and Frank, and I always get some sort of picture here.  

Again, this is a great short-day hike and my Garmin seemed to operate just fine for my big Abrams Falls hike coming up. As always, my friends, hike on and stay safe out there. 

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