Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Quick Overnight in the Smoky Mountains


Smoky Mountain National Park
January 27-28, 2023

I needed some time to relax and reset so I decided to head out after work on Friday and get a quick overnight in the mountains. On the Western boarder of the park by the Abram Creek campground off the Cooper Road Trail and under a mile hike is backcountry campsite #1. It is nestled next to an offshoot of Abrams Creek with plenty of flat ground for tents and trees for hammocks.  

The trail to the site has no real elevation so it is a quick hike and an excellent choice for a quick getaway after work. After getting set up whoever stayed there before me had left some firewood which was nice as I was able to get a fire going right away. Of course, I paid it forward and left a good stash for the next group.  

It was truly a relaxing night and the next morning I just hung out by the fire, had coffee, and made an egg and cheese beagle. Tore down camp, headed out, and made it home just after 11:00. Let me know have you ever done a quick overnight after work just to reset? Leave a comment and if you have not yet check out my website for more adventure videos and stories.  

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