Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Middle Prong Trail

The Lower Lynn Camp Falls.
Once again a year has gotten away from me and I am writing about a hike that took place back in June during family vacation. The Middle Prong trail is a fantastic hike that is perfect for a family with little ones. The trail is carved from the rail bed of the old Little River Lumber Company who was the last of the logging companies in the park. The trail follows the Lynn Camp Prong and provides many great cascades, small falls, and several good sized water falls.

In fact the water features are so good that we only got about two-thirds of a mile in a couple hours because I could not stop taking pictures. I am looking forward to getting back there and actually completing the trail and making it to Indian Flat Falls, but I might have to keep my camera in the bag until I get to the falls.

Cascades along the Middle Prong Trail
Below I have listed out some approximate distances with features from the trail. 

·         0.40  Lower Lynn Camp Falls (2)
·         0.45  Cataract (2)(3)
·         0.50  Lynn Camp Prong Cascades (1)
·         0.66  Lynn Camp Falls   (2)
·         1.90  Old rusted Cadillac (2)
·         2.30  Junction w/ Panther Creek Trail (1)
·         3.50  Bridge over Indian Flats Prong (1)
·         3.90  Side path to Indian Flats Falls(1)

Cataract off the main trail.
(1)    Hiking The Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Adams, Kevin; A Falcon Guide; 2003; the Globe Pequot Press.
(3)    Once you pass the Lower Lynn Camp Falls start looking for a little cove. This will lead you off the main trail and leads to a remarkable cataract that is hidden from main trail. I have to say it is well worth the short sidetrack.

Lynn Camp Falls

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