Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Map

This is the first entry in what I hope will be ongoing updates in the history of my grandfather Charles F. Hauck. My primary focus will be on his time spent in the Army Air Corps, but as I go on the scope might grow. I will be indexing these on a page over at my website ( for those who want to follow along.

Below is a picture of a cloth map that my grandfather acquired during a trip to Dulag City. My father had it framed and in his office so I while moving it I found a note from grandfather attached to the back of the frame. Underneath the picture I have transcribed the note.

April 8, 2000

After many sunrises and sunsets, if my memory serves me half assed, I think I obtained this map in Dulag City on the island of Leyte. I had a chance to go south of Tacloban one afternoon and I ran into a few Philippinos [Filipinos] who had resisted the Japanese and one of them gave me this map. This was in the spring of 1945.

Charles F. Hauck

Right now I am trying to collect his war records, if possible, from the National Archives along with searching the house to see what other information I can find. Hopefully I can figure out what company he served with so I am better able to track his possible locations during the war. I am also going to try and do some research on the Philippine’s resisted during the war and try to find any information regarding what this map was of.

Click here for a larger image of the map.

Click here for my index page.

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